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Report on DHC’s Other Congregation: St. Max’s Catholic Church

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by Anita Joy

Services at St. Max, which are held every Sunday at DHC starting at 1 p.m., are conducted in Spanish. In the article below, some references are made to not understanding everything that was happening during the worship. Anita and Krystol speak English and understand some Spanish.

Sunday, May 26, Krystol Reese and I attended worship at St, Max. What a wonderful, joyful experience!

Coming from an Episcopal background, we were able to follow the mass pretty well. But even if you could not understand a word, you would be caught up in the singing, clapping, and smiling faces. Amazing what two guitars and a tambourine can do, along with two women and two young girls to set a mood of celebration. That is exactly what we did — we celebrated. How great, to be reverent and worship God together with exuberant expressions of joy. A little girl kept running around and ran up to Father Walter as he was doing his homily. When the child’s father tried to stop her, Father Walter said: “Let her come to me”, and he held her hand for several moments as he finished. That was a special moment.

Then Father Walter called a young man forward, and told us that the man was pledging to give up alcohol and tobacco. The congregation reached out their hands, and we prayed over him. He then repeated a pledge (I could understand this much) to his family, to God and to his church. What courage that took — the Holy Spirit was certainly present in that room.

We at DHC are invited to attend that service any Sunday, and I invite you to do so. I will warn you, it’s long, from 1:00 to about 2:30 — but if you want to experience a joyous celebration then go. We will again.