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First Thoughts from Pastor Barb

What a great week of new beginnings! Our 4th of July week started with a bang with a great potluck on Sunday. Thanks to all who helped plan the worship service so I could get my bearings.trellis

I want to offer you the image this week of a TRELLIS for the beginning of our interim season.

A trellis offers our garden plants and vines footing, frame and freedom to grow and thrive. The footing creates a steady grounding and support, the frame offers structure and strength, and the spaces create room to breathe and grow in new directions. It seems to me this is a great image of what our interim work will be about. More on that to come!


A little bit about me: I grew up in Wisconsin, now live in Tempe; married an ordained Lutheran and Phoenix native (Rich) – but managed to convert him to the UCC and we shared ministry as co-pastors for about 25 years. I just recently concluded my first interim position at Scottsdale Congregational UCC. I’ve hovered around the UMC almost as many years as the UCC, serving as an associate at Velda Rose UMC in east Mesa before I went to Scottsdale. We have three adult children and a five-year-old granddaughter – all living in Tempe and Chandler, and one rambunctious terrier named Suki.


My loves: the imaginative engagement of stories, symbols and space, which translates to writing, reading, TV & movies, art (watercolor, calligraphy, computer & design graphics). My passion is to be an artist, monk, and mystic in the world, and be a spiritual companion and guide to individuals and groups in transition and transformation.


THANKS for allowing me to share your journey!


Pastor Barb