» » Jan 14, 2018 Search and Call Update

Jan 14, 2018 Search and Call Update

DHC had a great meeting with Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons on Thurs evening.
We are in the discernment phase of our search!
A time that requires evaluation and patience by everyone here.

What is discernment?
“…uncovering the work of God in the world and how we are called to join it.” Elizabeth Dilley
Our profiles is on line and now we wait for individuals to contact us.
And as they do and we read their profiles, we ask the following questions:
Questions for discernment:
What is God up to in this candidate’s life and ministry?
Is that what our church is being called to join?
What is God trying to say to me about this candidate?

We pray for with God to send us the right person. We pray for patience.