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National Coming Out Day


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Every year on October 11, in honor of the anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, the LGBTQ Community observes National Coming Out Day. This is a day to encourage those still living closeted to feel comfortable in the general community and to live openly and be accepted as who they are without fear. Some benefits of coming out include enabling one to:                 god loves me

  • Live an open and fuller life
  • Build self-esteem from being known as who you really are
  • Reduce stress by no longer having to hide
  • Connect with other people in the community
  • Help dispel myths and stereotypes
  • Become a role model and help younger LGBTQ persons who may be struggling

Did you know that right here in Arizona, as well as in 28 other states a person can be fired just because they are gay or lesbian? Did you know that a citizen of our state can be denied housing simply because they are gay or lesbian?

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One out of two Americans knows someone who is gay or lesbian. One out of ten knows someone who is transgender. When people are personally acquainted with someone who is LGBTQ they are much more likely to support equality under the law. What can you do as a straight ally? Here are some suggestions:

  • Talk honestly and openly to your LGBT friends and relatives about their lives
  • Encourage straight and LGBT friends and relatives to join together in social settings
  • Include partners and spouses of your LGBT friends and relatives at social events
  • Explain to people why anti-LGBT jokes and statements are unacceptable and don’t allow them
  • Participate in a pro-LGBTQ activity like Phoenix Pride Festival or the Rainbows Festival
  • Be proactive on social media
  • Contact a group like PFLAG at pflag.org clip_art_image_of_bright_happy_sunshine_at_the_end_of_a_colorful_rainbow_clouds_are_hovering_0515-1101-3021-5552_SMU

For more information you can check out www.hrc.org/resources/entry/resource-guide-to-coming-out or www.hrc.org/resources/entry/straight-guide-to-lgbt-americans