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Search and Call – Desert Heritage Profile


We live God’s Grace, Justice and Inclusiveness

Desert Heritage Church is a multi-faceted community of people.
DHC shares a community of long term residents of the Mesa area and a strong continuing group of winter friends.
DHC is a mission church with community visibility. Our interests include prison ministry, the LGBTQ community, immigration, the homeless and working poor, and AFC (at risk families).
DHC’s Peace and Justice Statement states: “No one will be denied entry into the full life, leadership and ministry of the church due to color of skin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, language or status.
DHC shares the spiritual bonds of Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ in our Sunday Services.
DHC has two goals: rebuilding our church in new ways and partnership with a new pastor
We have come to realize that we need a different kind of energy, one that can take us step by step through rebuilding our church in new ways. In many ways it’s like a new church start, which will require commitment, perseverance, a willingness to be counted on, and a willingness to be flexible.
We are seeking a pastor who is caring, sensitive, social and will challenge our way of thinking and be a partner in our growth as we look to the future.
We look to our new pastor to be very interested in pursuing our outreach programs with us. This person should be comfortable working with our small, but dynamic congregation, and hopefully creating an exciting presence in the east valley.