» » Search and Call Update: April 10

Search and Call Update: April 10

A “Coordination Committee” has been set up. This will be a short term (1 or 2 months) committee to make sure we have everything scheduled in a timely manner both while we work on our transition to interim Minister and our regular church business (such as electing the new Board and taking on the volunteer roles that are going to be vacated). Please bring any questions or concerns about our planning to Pat Casey, Karen Kirkland, Nancy McClain, Terry Womacks or Bob Wen.
The Interim Minister team will be headed up by Karen Kirkland. The other members on the team are Dan Phares, Nancy McClain, Stephanie Dayton. Their first meeting will be this week. They will begin by working on a checklist of items we are looking for in the interim minister and reviewing documents sent by the regional conferences on possible candidates.