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Search and Call Update, May 29

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I would like to thank all those who served on the Interim Minister committee.  Thanks to the hard work of Karen Kirkland, chair, Nancy McLain, Dan Phares, Stephanie Dayton, Bob Wen, and Patrick Casey we have secured Interim Minister Barbara Doerrer-Peacock who will begin on July 1, 2016.  Our group is extremely excited for Barbara to begin her journey with us and anticipate the interim period to be 1-2 years.  We will see Barbara in the pulpit on July 3.

We would also like to thank Pastor Joyce Schneider and Pastor Bill Steinke, who will be our pulpit fill-ins until Barbara starts.  Our elders will be taking on extended duties during this transition time, and may be presiding at the table as well as the usual role of praying over the elements at the table.  We welcome volunteers who can fill in with set up and take down of chairs, children’s minutes, and generally lending a hand.

You are all terrific and this church will continue to live the mission during this transition.


Karen Kirkland