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The Weekly Wacky Welcome – August 3, 2014

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You Must Be A School Teacher If…teacher_with_children01

  1. Everyone thinks how great it is for you to only have to work 6 hours a day and have summers and weekends free
  2. Naming your own child is nearly impossible–every name has a nightmare attached to it
  3. Meeting a child’s parents instantly answers the question, “Why is this child this way?”
  4. You believe “extremely annoying should have its own box on a report card
  5. You know hundreds of “good” excuses for being late


Taken from my experiences around teachers.

Top Five Character Traits of Great Teachers

  1. Inspired me and never let me settle for anything less than my best.
  2. Compassionate, caring, made me feel important and welcomed, made a personal connection with me.
  3. Were demanding, pushed me hard.
  4. Had a great sense of humor.
  5. Knowledge of the subject matter.






Game Night Saturday, August 16th!

Bring your favorite game to play and a snack to share.  And come have fun with your church family.

Fellowship will provide beverages.

Questions, speak to Vanessa!

Bring your friends!

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