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The Weekly Wacky Welcome – September 28, 2014

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A Letter from Paul

I affirm our faith in the little graces of life; the renewal of growth, the healing of laughter, the foundation of friendship.

I affirm our confidence in the dignity of all persons; their hope in despair, their right to marry the person they chose, their love in a world of hatred.

I affirm our joy in the experience of living; the smiles of nostalgia, the thrill and joy of delight, the exhilaration of risk.

I affirm our absolute need for each other; the sharing of faith, the variety of gifts, the quality of difference.

I affirm our hunger for God; the desire for peace, the ache for understanding, the search for fulfillment.

adapted from Howard Thurman

How you and I affirm our search for God and our need for each other keeps us connected with one another.  We need each other! Together, let us learn, grow, stretch, heal, believe, teach, and walk the road of faith.

Shalom, Paul

September 21: 76





World Communion Sunday is October 5th!

We encourage you to dress in international wear, any nationality will do! It could be a kilt, a Sarong, or Djellaba, Kaftan, Takchita, Kuta, Headscarves, Gowni, Dashiki, Iamba, Wrapper, or Pagne.

Don’t know what some of these are? Why not look them up and see if you can wear it!

Following Workship we will join together in an international pot luck.  Bring your favorite food to share from around the world.

A Lectionary Bible Study Class will be offered on October 6th & 20th from 6:30-7:30. Pastor Paul will lead this group.  All are welcomed!