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The Weekly Wacky Welcome

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The blogger, Benjamin L. Corey, wrote about five ways that you can spot a Jesus follower.I love Jesus Religious Words isolated on white


  1. A Jesus follower likes to talk about him, but they do it in such a way that it causes you to want to know more, not less.
  2. A Jesus follower embraces enemy love.
  3. A Jesus follower is the one who is quickest to show others mercy.
  4. A Jesus follower is the one who is full of compassion for outsiders and the weak.
  5. A Jesus follower is the one who, when they describe what God is like, describe Jesus.


So, what’s the point of being able to spot a Jesus follower–is it so we can judge who is not? May it never be!

Instead, being able to spot a Jesus follower is crucial for our own spiritual vitality.  If the Jesus path is the one you wish to travel, the best thing you can do is find others who are already on it, and walk together with them.  I would suggest holding hands as we walk, too.





Next Sunday is Backpack and School Year Blessing!

Kids are urged to wear their backpacks and we will have  a special blessing for them.

Wear your school colors or shirts with their logos!  come and pray for those involved with education.


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