» » » Thoughts from Pastor Barb – February 5, 2017

Thoughts from Pastor Barb – February 5, 2017

These days, you may be wrestling, like me, with information overload.  Facebook has become a treacherous mire of political opinions, arguments, facts, semi-facts, and alternative facts.  On one hand, the online media like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, have given us never-before access to the issues that are unfolding every minute, along with a slew of running commentary and criticisms.  It’s both enthralling and overwhelming at the same time.  We’re carrying these days a huge yoke of mixed emotions – frustrations and fears, chaos and uncertainty…regardless of what your political affiliation is.  We may fear missing something important, or falling down on our responsibility to be active citizens in our democracy.

I’m wrestling to figure out my boundaries and limits on what to do and how much to absorb of our omnipresent media deluge.  What is my part to play?  What am I being called to as part of my Christian discipleship in this day and age…how am I being manipulated or addicted?  How can I be faithful both to God and to being a responsible and concerned citizen…and not go insane in the process?

I will be going on a 3-day personal retreat this week, in which I will FAST from my media compulsions.  I will be very mindful of the food I eat, and the sleep I get.  I will immerse myself in silence, and allow for creativity to rise.  I will pray for YOU…for our church…for our country…and for our world.  I will reground myself in the basics of my faith: in my own and other’s BLESSEDNESS…in how I am SALT and LIGHT in my life…and examine what are my own core values and attitudes that I wish to act out in my life.  I hope that will enable me to do my best to not slide into undesirable behaviors or try to hide or avoid my responsiveness to the challenges of this time and place in the world.