» » » Thoughts from Pastor Barb – January 29, 2017

Thoughts from Pastor Barb – January 29, 2017

When I was growing up, I had one dominant wish: to be able to fly.  If I could have any superpower, that would be it.  As an adult, that never translated into any desire to fly planes or parachute or parasail…but as a child I wanted to be able to take a running leap, lift off into the air, and fly above everything.

I just wanted that weightless, rising feeling, and that bird’s eye view.

We all have something that makes us come alive and feel free and unfettered.  We have something that makes our heart sing.  Often we don’t give it enough credence because it feels too personal or ordinary.. not anything that would be important to others…yet those qualities in our life can be the key to God’s deeper callings and purpose.

My desire to fly as a child has translated into my adulthood in interesting ways.  I’m pretty good at getting a “birds eye view” of things, rising above the immediate multitude of details and challenges and see what the bigger picture is.  I’ve landed in a vocation where much of my job is to help people release the weights of inadequacy, failure, low self-esteem…and invite them to feel a rising into God’s grace and love.  I think for me, this is what it means to be salt and light.  What is your Salt and Light?

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman