» » » Weekly Thoughts- Pastor Barb Doerrer Peacock: DHC’s Core Values

Weekly Thoughts- Pastor Barb Doerrer Peacock: DHC’s Core Values

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Welcome to the exploration of Desert Heritage Church’s CORE VALUES!  During September and beginning of October, we will explore in depth the 5 core values we identified as the church’s core values during our leadership retreat on Aug. 27.  Each Sunday through October 2, we will take a look at one of the core values.  Here are the values identified, and some initial thoughts about each (still a work in progress!).  Take note: Sept 17, 8 to 1 pm-ish (including lunch) will be our next planning retreat.  We will explore what ASSETS we have as a congregation to best live these values out!

DHC believes and affirms fundamentally that each person is a beloved child of God, and has a unique and personal spiritual journey that may be expressed in many diverse ways.  Everyone is able to express and pursue their relationship with God in the way that speaks most powerfully to them.  One size or religious doctrine does not fit all. We come together as companions on our spiritual journeys and together embrace the spiritual path Jesus modeled and taught.

Our core value of spirituality shown to us by Jesus leads us to embrace another core value of COMMUNITY.  To us, community means both the close circle of friends, neighbors, family and church we have regular contact with, but also the wider circles of city, nation and world.  Our spiritual understanding is that we are responsible and accountable to strengthening the welfare of both personal and wider communities. The following three core values are HOW we feel called to act within and for our communities.

MISSION is our sense of purpose and ways we serve and help others.  Jesus showed us a servant model of leadership that embodied humility, meeting needs, loving one another as we love ourselves, caring, feeding, healing, and helping.

GRACE is the value that best encompasses how we treat each other and ourselves. It involves acceptance, forgiveness, respect, a celebration of diversity, offering extravagant welcome and hospitality to all people regardless of race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, economic status or documentation.  We believe God meets us with
unconditional grace, and we respond by offering that grace to others – no matter who we are or where we are on our spiritual journeys.

EMPOWERMENT is the value that moves us  toward a hopeful future.  We share the power we have to empower others.  This includes teaching our children, learning and growing in our own spiritual lives, helping others not just with charitable giving, but through acts of justice, advocacy, education, and systemic change