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Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 10, 2016

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In today’s Revelation text God meets our emotional needs in two ways. The text promises God will “wipe away every tear” — suggesting that the emotionally honest and cleansing tears will first be allowed to flow, but that these tears will then be dried by God’s own tender hand.

As an earnest of this quality of emotional care, we, too, must not be afraid to show the same depth of feeling and to let others do the same. In response to a genuine outpouring of emotion, an earnest of the coming age does not judge, but offers what is needed — to dry a cheek, to hold a hand, to show empathy.

In a creative writing class, a young teenage girl wrote this short poem:

Don’t criticize.
Don’t analyze.
Don’t even try to sympathize.
Don’t say you understand because you don’t.
Just hold me in your arms for once.
And love me as I am.
Like my mommy used to do
before the world grew up on me.

(from “In Praise of the Unrenowned,” CCM Magazine, October 1997, 84.)

Will this church hold the world in its arms and love it, as an earnest of God’s holding the whole world in the arms of the Almighty — and loving it? Will you be a leaven of heaven in your family, your community, your world?






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Open for Worship Workshop, Sunday, April 24th, 5-7:30 pm.

Join us here at DHC for an interactive workshop on faith and LGBT inclusion in Arizona. Hosted by ONE Community. See our newsletter for more details. This 2.5 hour workshop will open your eyes and hearts to both the need and way to work for change!

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