» » Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 19, 2015

Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 19, 2015



Last weekend I was privileged to participate in the Phoenix Pride 5K run with my dear friend, Jeffrey Dirrim. He is the pastor of Rebel & Divine UCC in Phoenix and that church specializes in ministry with 15 -25 year olds in the LGBTQ community many of whom are homeless. It was an important moment for me for several reasons.

  1.  I wanted to show my support for Jeffrey. Once told that he would not be able to run, he has proven the doctors wrong through hard work.
  2. Although Wendy and I regularly attend the Pride weekend, this was a new way to show my support for my friends and family in the LGBTQ community.
  3. I wanted to see if I could jog outside on real pavement. Thus far, I’ve only pushed a button and jogged the speed the treadmill turned; that’s a controlled situation. There is a difference, believe it or not, between the treadmill and where the rubber of my shoes hit the road!

Getting a cool medal and having the support of two adorable and adoring fans, in Wendy and Ruthie, made the whole experience fantabulous. Next year 10K!






2015 Church Camp Registration

Camp will be from May 31st-June 5th @ Camp Pinerock in Prescott.

Early Bird registration deadline is May 1st.

Forms are available online OR in the church office.

Scholarships available, speak to Pastor Paul today!

Lots of Love Campaign

We all love our big parking lot, but it needs to be re-striped and that will cost $800.00! The Lots of Love Campaign is asking people to make a small $8 donation for offsetting the cost of this project. Of course we will take more than $8 if you are able! Show your love for our parking lot and church by making a donation today. Thank you!!