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Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 24, 2016

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The legendary World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle once wrote a column about a captured German soldier who was taken to an American field hospital to have his wounds treated. The soldier had heard Nazi propaganda stories of American brutality to POWs, so when a medic approached him with a hypodermic needle of morphine, he naturally assumed he was about to be tortured. The man kicked up quite a fuss until, looking around, he realized that he was being treated the same as the American patients. He was amazed.

He grew even more amazed when he saw an American chaplain making the rounds and handing out care packages of cigarettes, chocolate, tooth powder, soap and other comfort items. The chaplain gave him a care package too, making no distinction.

The soldier’s countenance changed. He began smiling, then grinning like a little boy playing with new toys.

This change came about only after he learned to trust.

So, can your trust the process as I leave? Can you trust the leadership of the church entrusted to make decisions? Can you step-up and help rather than just sit idly by and watch? Can you live the mission?

As much as any other time, God is calling you to Live God’s Grace, Justice, and Inclusiveness.



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Open for Worship Workshop

TODAY, 5:00-7:30 pm
Join us this evening for an interactive workshop on faith and LGBT inclusion in Arizona. Hosted by ONE Community, this workshop will open your eyes and hearts to both the need and a way to work for change!

Movie Night, April 30

6:00-8:30 pm
For Pastor Paul’s last Movie Night he picked a favorite movie of his: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Feel free to bring a favorite drink and snack.