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Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 3, 2016

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If we are honest with ourselves, we all have the experience, somehow, someway, of being incased in a tomb more times in our life than we can count. The truly crazy thing about being in a tomb, is that often we don’t even know we are in them until the light break through creating an opening.

Is there a part of your life buried? Part of your existence you thought was dead? Maybe it is something that you left for dead? What in your life has such deep, dark shadows that any kind of dawn would cause you to shield your eyes from the light?

Think about that. Tombs come in all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. Sometimes they’re how we treat things in our life as though they represent the end: this relationship is over; happiness will never return; that person will never change.

Sometimes large stones cover the things we used to feel, or used to love, or used to be…and it’s started to smell rotten!

But, as Gracie Allen famously said,

“Never put a period where God puts a comma.” Having a God of resurrection means that rarely is the story truly over when we think it is.



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OGHS totals to date Thank you to all who have donated to OGHS. So far we have received $1,156. It’s not too late to donate, you will nd envelopes in the pew backs this morning.

All Church BBQ Saturday, April 9th 5:00pm Fellowship will provide the hamburgers & hot dogs, & veggies burgers, please bring a side dish to share.

Summer Youth Camps at Camp Pinerock will be June 5th-June 10th. Early Bird registrations are due by April 15th! Click here to download your registration forms or pick them up in the church office.