» » Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 5, 2015

Weekly Wacky Welcome – April 5, 2015


We are now in the church season called “Eastertide”.  Thus, it is fitting time to consider that our Life after Easter has tidal qualities.

Life after Easter breaks upon us as waters upon the shore, carving and shaping.  Sometimes it polishes our rough and jagged edges and at other times it rips at us to expose new sharpness.  Life after Easter uncovers what has previously been hidden; it also reminds us that the castles we build and cherish are not important and do not last compared to the eternal vastness of God’s transforming love.

Life after Easter brings us surprises, laying them before us as though they were dropped by an outgoing tide.  Its offerings connect us with people in far off places like Ghana, Israel, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Columbia, Iraq as well as places like Maricopa County.  Life after Easter presents us with presents including living things such as hope and charity.

Life after Easter flows from God’s strength and grace, both ever in motion as the seas,both ever present whether we are at high or low points in our lives.

Life after Easter constantly beckons.  It seems to stretch towards us as the waters of a new broken wave reach out to the people on the shore.

In gathering together during this season of Eastertide, we are opening ourselves to a God who changes us, informs us, draws us, and surprises us.  May our worship be Eastertidal.  I look forward to making a splash with your in worship during Eastertide.






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