» » The Weekly Wacky Welcome – August 10, 2014

The Weekly Wacky Welcome – August 10, 2014


Did you know that 6+3=9, but that 5+4=9 as well?

So does 8+1 and 9+0 and 7+2. And, don’t get me started about 11-2 or 14-5 or 19-10. They, too, equal nine. It is amazing all the ways to get to nine.
The point being that we should not assume our way of doing things is the only way.


Each of us is on a journey and sometimes that leads straight to the summit, sometimes it leads us to rocky edges or by steep cliffs. I, for one, would turn around before getting to close to the cliff. Another person might avoid the rocks that I step over.
We aren’t the judge; our job on this tour of life is to help others on their journeys. Different doesn’t translate into wrong. My suggestion is that we all pass through pi.

As long as we all get pi, I’m good.


Shalom, Paul


Game Night this Saturday, beginning at 4:00 pm!
Bring your favorite game to play and a snack to share. Fellowship will provide beverages. Questions, speak to Vanessa! Bring your friends!

School Supplies Drive, during the month of August we will be collecting school supplies. Please bring, pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, markers, filler paper, glue sticks or anything cool for the kids! Donations will benefit our local schools.

Mark Your Calendars!
Women’s Retreat Sept. 12-14
It will be held at Chapel Rock Retreat Center in Prescott, AZ.   Register now at www.azdisciples.org


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August 3: 70