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Weekly Wacky Welcome – August 16, 2015

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There are many ways to take an active part of feeding people within this community at DHC.

  • You can bring “Helper” to hand to the children during the Children’s Moment—creating a muscle memory and mental picture for them that the church feeds people.
  • Maybe you can take the bookmark list of food for our pantry. Put it in your purse or wallet and take it out when you go to the grocery store turning your grocery shopping a worshipping moment.
  • Or, maybe you would like to join us preparing, serving, and cleaning up for around 200 meals at Paz de Cristo on the first Sunday of the month (the next time we serve is September 6).
  • Our Pastor’s Discretionary Fund also helps out our church members who are in special need of help; donations to that above and beyond your normal giving is encouraged.

If you are what eat, then be the body of Christ in a hungry world; find a way to be part of the solution to hunger in this community and you shall be blessed.






School Supplies Drive

School begins shortly and we are looking for donations of all types of school supplies. Please bring in your donations and leave them in the church office.

Cookies for Kino Jr. High

Our cookie stash is depleted, please pick up an extra package of cookies to donate. Please no nuts or peanut butter cookies.

Are you interested in making a Joyful Noise?

Join the Choir!

We meet every Sunday (beginning next week), from 9:00-9:30 AM.
We ask that you be prompt, as we need to maximize our meeting time.