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Weekly Wacky Welcome – December 13, 2015

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I grew up hunting and fishing. I have some great joy-filled memories from those days with my dad. We both went to a safety class and studied together to pass the test. I loved that time with him, but the guns were just tools to which I had no emotional attachment. I loved being with him and out in nature.

However, there are many for whom “their guns” mean a great deal, emotionally and politically. While my guns were “tools”, no different than my garden shovel, theirs are, in their own estimation, “weapons.” And, in a larger sense, also “their freedom” and “their security.”

I wonder, if underneath all this, if there maybe a spiritual issue – one that has everything to do with control. Many, including myself, are frightened that there is on average a mass killing EVERYDAY in the U.S., I find myself wondering what can be done. MLK, Jr. said that our lives begin to end when we are silent about things that really matter.

I will not be silent on this issue. I believe we should tighten the loopholes allowing for the purchase of guns by those who are mentally unfit and that everyone should have to pass a safety class, like I did when I was a boy of twelve. What really scares me is that the problem is far deeper than the issue of possessing firearms.

We, the American people, need to address the important question, “why are we addicted to violence?”

We need to have these “awkward and difficult” conversations now so that we don’t have to have the awkward and difficult conversations at the graveside, with lives literally ended. There will be no joy until we do.






All church caroling party December 20! Meet at church at 4:00 pm! Dessert to follow.

Christmas Eve Service
Join us December 24 at 7 pm as we Light the Christ Candle and share in Communion. We will end the service singing “Silent Night” by candle light in the round. Invite your family and friends!

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