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Weekly Wacky Welcome – December 6, 2015

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Sorry, my friends, there just isn’t a “War on Christmas”. It is a made up slogan by the media to get your attention and to get viewers.

Saying, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” isn’t political correctness gone crazy, and it is most certainly not an insult or a slight to Christianity or Christians. It is simply an acknowledgement of all people, including Christians, who are celebrating 38 different festivals and observances during December.

When you get angry and campaign to bring back “Merry Christmas,” you’re not defending Christianity, you’re being intolerant and disrespectful to anyone who is not a Christian.

If you want to get mad, be upset at how this nation treats veterans; complain to city officials how the poor are treated; make a statement on refugees by doing something to provide welcome in the inn.

If you want peace for one and all, start by using your words that provide an extravagant welcome to one and all, “Happy Holidays.”






East Valley Youth Group will meet on Friday, December 11 from 6-8 pm at Desert Heritage. We will enjoy some food together and then go Caroling to shut-ins.

Children’s Christmas Pageant
Sunday, December 13th! 10:00 am.
Come and support the children of our church as they present “Someone Is Coming” The birth of Jesus as told by the Animals!
Invite your family, friends, grandparents for this magical story!

Mark your calendar…All church caroling party December 20! Meet at church at 4:00 pm! Dessert and fellowship to follow.