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Weekly Wacky Welcome – February 14, 2016

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Back in elementary school I would bring a Valentine’s day card for every one of my classmates. No exceptions. The class roster was handed out. No one could be left out for any reason; everyone got a card.

Some cards I loved to give. My best friends would gladly get a card from me. The ones I thought were cute would receive my cardboard proclamation of my love to them.

Those were easy to write and deliver! But I was obligated by the rules of the class to send greetings to those for whom I had no affection—the class bully, the irritating girl with stringy hair, the dorky kid. As my own private protest, I carefully selected which cards from my assortment I would send to each person. The beautiful cards would go to the beautiful people. But how appropriate that the girl who with the long face would get a card with a horse on it! Or that the boy with bad breath would receive a cartoon of a gorilla! I met my obligation, hadn’t I? Yeah, but not in the spirit for which the holiday was intended.

To the church in Corinth, The Apostle Paul addressed the value of giving from wrong motives.

If I give away all my possessions to the poor but have not love, I gain nothing.” Thank God that God doesn’t hand out love like we used to do valentine cards.

At this church, everyone, including those who are misfits, even you and I, receive the very best from God.





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Please join us February 17, 24, March 2, 9, 16 & 23 as we come together for soup, bread, and conversation time. We gather at 5:30 pm for soup and bread then at 6:00 pm we begin our Lenten Study. If you are unable to join us for our soup dinner, please join us at 6:00 for our Study.

Thanks to a generous donation we have plenty of cookies for Kino Jr. High, however donations of lemonade or cash to the Pastor’s Discretionary fund are always appreciated.