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Weekly Wacky Welcome – February 28, 2016

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Our scripture from Luke today tells of 3 parables. A parable is a form of allegory in which one states a truth but disguises it so that the meaning is not quickly obvious. Its meaning is to be deduced, and when you finally do get the point, you have a great “aha” experience.

In telling a parable, you change the scene to throw the listener a bit off guard until you can drill out the decay without the patient knowing it has been done. It’s been called, “Literary Novocaine” by many – you deaden the spot before you give them the drill. It’s a needling device to get your point across.

If we tried to get in our point without the parable – “the novocaine,” our patient would run away and our point is then useless. If we brought up our subject directly, it could easily fall flat.

Jesus’ parables were designed to make us think – to get us to deduce the full meaning and to finally arrive at the “Aha” experience.

Parables are powerful. They can evoke strong emotions; the church leaders were very upset at Jesus over this. The biblical account tells us the leaders kept looking for ways they could nail Jesus and they finally did it – literally.

Parables are also powerfully timeless, because, as we age, we might connect with a different character within the same story.

These little parables were vehicles that Jesus used to tell us what God is like.

God is like a parent welcoming a lost child home; like a shepherd looking for lost sheep; and a woman who wears her broom down looking for her lost coin. God is like that. Are we?






Thank You, Thank You!

Through your generous donations, Cookies for Kino Jr. High was able to purchase a brand new cookie cart! We are truly appreciative.

The “Cookie Ladies”

Darrell Walklin’s famous Desert Heritage Member and Friend’s Dinner ~ March 5, at 5:30 pm

Our menu will be Chicken, Potatoes, salad and dessert!

Cost is $8.00 Sign up quickly! Any questions, please speak to Darrell!

Mark Your Calendar….

We will be hosting the Lay Academy of the Southwest Conference on March 11 & 12. Volunteers will be needed to help and we will be asking for donations of water, and “finger” desserts. See the March newsletter for more info.