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The Weekly Wacky Welcome – October 19

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Former Free Church (Powers Church) east of Angola

The Perfect Church

“I think that I shall never see

A Church that’s all it ought to be:

A Church whose members never stray

Beyond the Straight and Narrow Way:

A Church that has no empty pews, 

Whose Pastor never has the blues,

A Church whose members are never weak,

And none is proud, and all are meek:

Where gossips never peddle lies,

Or make complaints or criticize;

Where all are always sweet and kind,

And to other’s faults are blind.

Such perfect Churches there may be,

But none of them are known to me.

But still, we’ll work and pray and plan,

To make our own the best we can.”


Jesus gathered with all kinds of sinners – like you and I do today.  Because he never turned anyone away, neither we. All are invited, welcomed, encouraged to experience God’s grace, justice and inclusiveness – even you and I can!  Thanks be to God!

Shalom, Paul

October 12, 2014: 73




Annual Fall Festival

Saturday, October 25

@ 6:00 pm

Join us for a night of fun, food, and friends.  Bring your favorite yummy dish to share for our Fall Pot luck, and bring some candy treats to share.

Wear a costume if you dare!!!!

Help is needed for set-up at 4:00 pm!

You can bring your own decorations, you can take them home after our party.

A Lectionary Bible Study Class will be offered tomorrow night, October 20th from 6:30pm – 7:30.  Pastor Paul will lead this group.  All are welcomed!

Updated Songbooks

We are in the process of updating our songbooks with new and exciting hymns!  We are looking for cash donations to purchase new 3-ring binders and sheet protectors.  Please speak to Anita Joy for more information.