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Weekly Wacky Welcome – January 24, 2016

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I have noticed that parents don’t seemed to like to identify the personality quirks in their children as coming from themselves. We love to identify our kids as getting our best qualities, not so much the things we don’t like in ourselves.

On the good side, I get my love of puns from my family forbearers. My kids, whether or not they like it, have all gotten that gene.

On that not-so-good side, Michael got my stress eating habit. Nathan got my lactose intolerance. Ruthie got my drive for perfection.

On the good side, I see my mom in Ruthie, who is so bright, so hardworking. I see Wendy’s musical ability in Nathan. I see my brother Michael’s peaceful nature in my Michael. I see my extrovert side coming from my dad. Wendy takes after her mother in her kindness.

What are the traits, the stories of our church? What are the things that set us apart from the others? Are there things that we don’t do so well? What are the things in which we are awesome?

What will the story of 2016 look like? How much of our mission statement (our genes) will we carry into this new year?

  •  How do you see grace woven into the fabric our life together this year?
  •  Where do you see justice in 2016 playing out in our story as a church family?
  • How is inclusiveness part of our family tree?

Unlike our biological genes, we get to choose what this year will look like. Make 2016 a faithful response to our calling to be the church of Jesus Christ.







Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction Sunday, January 31st @ 5:00 pm.

Can your company offer a gift certificate? Donate it for the Silent Auction. Was Santa particularly odd in the gift giving this year? Donate it for the Silent Auction. Can you offer a ride, a place to stay, or another service? Donate it for the Silent Auction. Have a particular skill or talent like lawn care or cooking? Donate it for the Silent Auction. This is our BIGGEST fund raiser for Camp Scholarships. How much can we raise this year? The spaghetti will be provided just bring your checkbooks and cash!

2015 Year End Statements will be emailed out prior to Jan. 31st. If you would like a paper copy rather than emailed please contact the church office.

Thank you