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Weekly Wacky Welcome – January 3, 2016

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Now that Christmas day is over, what does Jesus look like to you?  We’ve just managed to make it through another season of shopping, parties, cooking, and relatives.  So, what did you learn about what Jesus looks like?

Well, the baby born in Bethlehem looks like anything but a king to me.  I imagine his face to look more like a prune – all smashed up the way newborns often look.  Jesus, to me, is majesty in the midst of the mundane.  Jesus is holiness in the middle of sheep manure and afterbirth.  Jesus represents divinity entering the world on the floor of a stable, through the womb of a teenager and in the presence of a carpenter.  Wow!  Who would have guessed it?

What else does Jesus look like to you?

  • I see Jesus in old hands serving the poor a good meal down at PAZ
  • I see Jesus in the exuberant joy of a child dancing down the aisle after lighting the candles at church.
  • i see Jesus in the stories of family harmony that are told when once there was harsh words or no words.
  • i see Jesus visiting, caring for, calling, and writing the needy.
  • I see Jesus in the courage to make a stand for justice for the poor and vulnerable.
  • I see Jesus in a church that dares to accept all people – reserving the right to welcome all into the life, leadership, and ministry of the church.
  • I see Jesus in you!