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Weekly Wacky Welcome – July 19, 2015

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Do you ever imagine the “people behind the scenes” to be kids? Sometimes the church is guilty of using kids for their “cuteness” and not as authentic members of the household of God who bring with them resources for the growth and nurture of the community.

Too often church budgets are about things to do for the kids and hardly about creating space for children to minister to the church.

In the retelling of the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000, John includes a most incredible detail. Jesus wants to feed everyone; but, the disciples aren’t sure that it can be done. Then Andrew brings a boy with a packed lunch, Jesus gives thanks, and it turns out that there was more than enough for everyone. Jesus told the disciples to gather the leftovers. Nothing was wasted. The disciples gathered up the leftovers and came each with a basketful.

And all this happened because of a child’s packed lunch, a disciple who had to see kids not just as recipients but as resources for bread, and Jesus, who takes every member’s donation, gives thanks, and multiplies it into a thousand-fold and more…much, much, more.

Thanks for all the “behind the scenes” people who made VBS possible. I give thanks knowing that your gift has turned into a multitude of blessings for all.







School Supplies Drive

School begins shortly and we are looking for donations of all types of school supplies. Please bring in your donations and leave them in the church office.

August 9-Blessing of the school year and backpacks.

Children are encouraged to bring in their backpacks.

Cookies for Kino Jr. High

Our cookie stash is depleted, please pick up an extra package of cookies to donate. Please no nuts.