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Weekly Wacky Welcome – June 14, 2015

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It is a honor and privilege to have Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer with us in worship this Sunday, June 14. John is the candidate to be the General Minister and President for the UCC— that coronation…I mean election will take place as the church gathers from around the world to vote at the next Synod in Cleveland in a couple of weeks. Folks, it is sort of like the pope coming to worship! The white smoke isn’t visible yet but is heading its way up the chimney soon to be revealed to the world.

John has brought DHC both challenge and inspiration. But, that could not have happened if he had not first brought healing. Because he took the time to listen, healing came. I am truly privileged to call him my friend (despite his Cardinal sins…and yes…that joke NEVER gets old). We will miss him but we also know he will bless our denomination and world. God bless you John…and may the St. Louis Cardinals lose in heart breaking fashion every year.



June 21st & 28th Worship Leaders Schedule

June 21:

Liturgist: Alissa Hinckley

Scripture Reader: Anita Joy

Elders: Patrick Casey & Laurel North

Joys & Concerns: Dan Phares

Deacons: Mary Finnegan & Sharon Kelch (cup),  Nick & Niki White (ushers)

Greeters: Fran Williams & Janet Reeves

June 28:

Liturgist: Michael Whitlock

Scripture Reader: Ruthie Whitlock

Elders: Karen Kirkland & Verlin Pietz

Joys & Concerns: Pat Casey

Deacons: Jacob Cecil & Allie North (cup), Michael Cecil & Ruthie Whitlock (ushers)

Greeters: Sharon Kelch & Amber Christo

Mark your Calendars:

Next Sunday, June 21: Michael Whitlock, guest Preacher and Congregational Meeting following Worship.