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Weekly Wacky Welcome – June 7, 2015

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I’m back from camp.  Wahoo!  It feels kind of weird to write this the week before camp starts and talk about how great camp was before it really happens, bu that is the reality with which I am given.  Deadlines are deadlines!

I could write about all the fun, the meaningful conversations, and the singing we did.  Penning a line about the cool weather might be tempting as well as bragging about a whole week without electronics.  Maybe I could write about all of the laughter and joy–I mean this IS the Wacky Welcome, right?

No, I will skip all those and just say, “Thanks” to everyone who made the week possible: the kids, the parents and grandparents and siblings who provided transportation, those who gave money, other congregations, the adult volunteers(money of whom took vacation time to be there) and to this congregation itself for allowing me to go.

Most clergy who identify key moments in their lives which lead them to ministry point to an experience at camp.  I pray the week of camp will inspire a new generation.






June 14th & 21st Worship Leaders Schedule

June 14:

Liturgist: Karen Kirkland

Scripture Reader: Michael Whitlock

Elders: Pastor Paul Whitlock & John Dorhauer

Joys & Concerns: Pat Casey

Deacons: Al Thomas & Joyce Lowe (cup), Tom & Stephanie Dayton (ushers)

Greeters: Carole & Don Schupp

June 21:

Liturgist: Alissa Hinckley

Scripture Reader: Anita Joy

Elders: Patrick Casey & Laurel North

Joys & Concerns: Dan Phares

Deacons: Mary Finnegan & Sharon Kelch (cup),  Nick & Niki White (ushers)

Greeters: Fran Williams & Janet Reeves

Mark your Calendars:

Next Sunday, June 14: Special Guest, Rev. John Dorhauer, UCC Conference Minister.
Sunday, June 21: Michael Whitlock, guest Preacher and Congregational Meeting following Worship.