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Weekly Wacky Welcome – May 10, 2015

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I have been blessed by the courage, presence, and compassion of many women throughout my life. People like Barbara Dillman, Suellen Hartley, Laurie Carlson, Marsha Von Almen, Sharyn Dowd, Esthermae Johnston, Karen Meachum, Pat Dyson, Georgia Willis, Linda Chenoweth, Sue Lawson, plus my sisters, Carol and Laurel, my mom, Mary, my wife, Wendy…and literally thousands of unnamed others who have given me a glimpse of what God’s love is all about. All of them taught me something about God, about myself, and about mission— and I am eternally grateful.
Who are the women in your life who have taught you about God’s love? Make a list. If they are still alive, give them your “thanks”.





May 24th Pentecost & Happy Birthday DHC!

Wear something red to church that day. We are going to have a Birthday Party, complete with Birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday”. What do we bring to birthday parties? Well gifts of course! Whether it is an actual gift, a gift of time, talent or treasure. For suggestions of what “gifts” to bring see our May Newsletter!

Family Game Night May 24 @ 4:00 pm!

Fellowship will provide a Party Sub, bring a snack to share and your favorite game.