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Weekly Wacky Welcome – May 15, 2016

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Thank you for these past thirteen years five months in which we have journeyed together. There are so many instances where I have seen God at work in this church, in small groups in the congregation, and within individuals. Far too many blessings to begin to list. You have blessed my family and me countless times with love and grace and support. And so, I say, “Thank you”.

I hope this new adventure will be a time of discernment and renewal for both you and me. I hope you can support our interim like you have supported me. I hope you can support the elders, Mary, Liz, the worship committee, the search team, and everyone else working and leading within this church.

Remember that God will journey with you. And, remember your mission:
To Live God’s Grace, Justice, and Inclusiveness.






Rebel & Divine Toiletry and Undergarment Donations

In our continuing effort to partner with Rebel and Divine UCC, we would like to focus on the needs of the at-risk and homeless youth. Many of the youth a ending Rebel and Divine have no support except the church and your kindness. In the narthex of Desert Heritage Church you will find a big RED tub. We ask that you fill it with, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth wash, personal hygiene items, new underwear (men and women) socks, brushes, hair care products, makeup and nail polish. (Please NO USED clothes or shoes or food) Questions, speak to Ellie Cecil