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Weekly Wacky Welcome – May 17, 2015

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I have a friend, Rev. Erin Wathen, who is a pastor in Kansas City. She came up with 10 signs of a healthy church. Here they are below:

  1. There is room for doubt.
  2.  Unnecessary meetings are discouraged.
  3. There is room for everyone.
  4. Members and leaders have minimal anxiety about finances.
  5. Frequent and intentional turnover in leadership roles.
  6. Children are welcome in worship, and youth serve visibly in worship and other roles.
  7. Members can clearly articulate the mission and values of the church.
  8. People come early and stay late.
  9. The primary role of the pastor is to equip and empower.
  10. Church staff and leaders regularly ask “Who is missing?”

What letter grade would you give us for each one? What’s our GPA? What if it is pass/fail? Do we graduate or repeat a grade? Are there any critical or core ones that are missing? I’m curious as to what you think about this.Shalom,Paul




Pentecost Birthday Celebration Next Week

Next Sunday, May 24th We will celebrate Pentecost & Happy Birthday Church! Wear something red to church that day. We are going to have a Birthday Party, complete with Birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday”. What do we bring to birthday parties? Well Gifts of course! Whether it is an actual gift, a gift of time, talent or treasure. The children will open our gifts during Children’s Time. We will also share in a pot luck luncheon, please bring something red to eat! For suggestions for gifts check out our May Newsletter!

Family Game Night May 24 @ 4:00 pm!

Fellowship will provide a Party Sub, bring a snack to share and your favorite game.