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Weekly Wacky Welcome – May 8, 2016

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Do you believe in a “Still Speaking God,” or has God finished the story of life and is just sitting back relaxing?

I think God is still speaking! God is still speaking to this congregation saying many things, including:

  •   The church must give up reproducing the past. Be bold, go in a new direction!
  •  Doing the same things harder, faster, and smarter won’t grow the church. The treadmill of life can only go “so” fast. Don’t put God inside the box, think outside the box.
  •  Throw timidity out the window and enact ways to explore doing church differently.
  •  Visualize the church moving from the dry wasteland to spiritual waters; moving from negative attitudes to hope, joy and openness and giving ourselves away to a ministry that proclaims God’s praise.






class of 2016 sticker,375x360

Congratulations our 2016 Graduates: Jacob Cecil, Maddie Cripe and Ruthie Whitlock!

May 15th Pastor Paul’s Last Sunday.

Thank You potluck luncheon following our Worship service. We ask that you bring a dish to share. Please bring “Paul friendly” foods, (lots of veggies!)

Next Sunday is Pentecost! The liturgical color for Pentecost is RED, so wear something RED to church Sunday to celebrate the Spirit’s presence in your life and this church.

Please remember to donate to The Rebel & Divine sundries basket in the Narthex. Thank you!