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Weekly Wacky Welcome – November 1, 2015

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AllSaints Day3 (649x629)

This Sunday we celebrate All Saints’ Day. It is a day we remember people whom we loved, cherished, and cared for who have passed away and are now with God.
We also remember the people within the wide circle of this church who have passed away this past year and whose families have called on me to help during those most difficult of difficult days. Some names will be very familiar to you, others less so, yet all have called upon me as representative of the body of Christ to be there for them.

We remember…

  •  Doris Jeannette “Jean” McCoglin
  •  Melvin Stanley Kearney

“I thank my God for all my remembrance of you.” That’s a phrase the Apostle Paul uses over and over again in his letters. With 1 Thessalonians being the oldest NT document we have, and this being the first theological concept of that letter, it is the earliest communication point in the NT we have written down. That’s significant.

Remembering is important!

Spend some time today laughing, crying, and smiling as you remember the people who made a significant difference in your life!






Movies for Grown Ups

“The Amazing Grace”

Saturday, November 7

at 6:00 pm.

Thanksgiving Service at DHC

Sunday, November 22 at 6:00 pm.

We will worship with our friends from Celebration of Life Presbyterian Church.