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Weekly Wacky Welcome – November 9, 2014

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The New Testament records that out of the 39 parables Jesus told, at least 1/3 deal directly with money and possessions. Wow! If I were to preach the same ratio of sermons on money as did Jesus, I would need to devote 1/3 or about 17 sermons a year to money! Or, AKA a TV preacher!

Now, in the holistic sense of the word, all of Jesus’ sermons were stewardship sermons. 1/3 of them were sermons about financial stewardship.

Filling out a Pledge Card is simple! After prayerfully considering your finances, your talents, and your blessings from God, simply fill out how much you are able to give financially each week, month, or period of the year in which you attend DHC.

But don’t stop there! God is not interested in just what you can donate financially. Give thoughtful and prayerful consideration to other vital ministry components: your time and talents. Please prayerfully consider what you can give! Then, simply place the card in the offering plate on any Sunday or mail it into the church office so that we have it by November 23.

Thank you!