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Weekly Wacky Welcome – October 11, 2015

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Jesus stopped.

Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, cried out from the side of the road, “Jesus, have mercy on me!” And Jesus stopped. He simply stopped. How hard it must have been to disregard the crowd’s dogged determination to keep moving, to remain on task, to ignore the poor man. But Jesus performed his first act of compassion: he stopped. Before he could listen, before he could respond to the beggar’s need, he first had to put a halt to his own plans, his own agenda, create a welcoming space and invite the man in. So, Jesus stopped. Many of us know the difficulty of resisting the frenzy of the moment. It’s easier to look past people, to keep forging ahead, grasping on to goals, while the whizzing speed of life, like a tailgate wind, carries us away and prevents us from slowing down, taking time, letting be. Listening to others during times like these as well as listening to God is as vitally important as it is difficult. Whether God asks me to listen to the still voice whispering in the confines of my heart, or to the clamoring cries shouting from the peaks of another’s pain, my first act, if I am to listen, is to do what Jesus did. Jesus stopped.

What areas of your life are so crazy, so chaotic, so stressful that you need to stop? Who are the people around you that need an ear to hear them? Maybe the most effective way you can proclaim the word of God isn’t with words, but to stop and then listen to God and the pain from those around you. Let those who have ears, hear.






Fall Festival on Saturday,October 31 4-6 pm.

Kids wear your costumes for “Trunk or Treating” and games!

New Address for Aimee: ASPC-Perryville

Aimee Stensgaard 292-895 San Carlos 62A27
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